Never, Ever, Give Up. See how this Disabled Veteran Makes a Totally Inspirational Transformation.

This is one of my favorite videos on the internet. This is the story of Arthur Boorman who was once a paratrooper in the Gulf War. The jumps put too much stress on his back and knees and eventually he became disabled as a result of his injuries. His doctors told him he would never be able to walk unassisted ever again. Over the next 15 years, Arthur gained a ton of weight. He couldn’t walk or run, let alone exercise. That was until he stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page Yoga.

He gave DDP Yoga a try and sent an email to Dallas telling him of his personal story. The two eventually began corresponding and that is when Arthur’s life changed. He started exercising every day and even though it wasn’t easy, he started to see results.

Eventually Arthur was able to prove his doctors wrong. Not only is he able to walk but he can run as well. Arthur is proof that the only limits we have are the ones that we place on ourselves.

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